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Upgrade / Replacement Parts

​Once your dryer vents are cleaned and clear from obstructions, now it might be time replace some parts

There are some ways to make accessing and working with your dryer and vents easier.  Once on site, we will assess what we could do to improve your dryer.  There are a few parts that could be useful to homeowners and technicians.  Below is a list of potential parts to improve the function of your dryer:

  • Magnetic Dryer Vent Coupling - if your dryer is hard to access the vent without moving the dryer and causing the line to kink, a magnetic coupler does wonders by allow the dryer line to not crease when putting the dryer back.  Cost of materials is roughly $90.

  • Dryer Vent Hose - many hoses crack or split over time, the can also come apart from improperly attaching them to the vents or dryer.  Replacement of broken hoses is necessary for the proper function of dryer.  Cost of materials is roughly $35.

  • Dryer Exterior Vent Cover - vent covers break over time, which allow animals to build nests or debris to build up.  Replacing a broken vent cover will all your unit to perform as intended.  Cost of materials is roughly $35.

Pricing for upgrading or replacing parts is $19 for each service, plus the cost of materials.

515 Dryer Vent would be pleased to help and assist you with your clogged dryer vents.  Call (515) 883-0333 to speak with a technician today.

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