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Deep Cleaning of Dryer

​Once your dryer vents are cleaned and clear from obstructions, now it's time to target the inside of the dryer.  Cleaning your lint screens and main vent line are included in the dryer vent cleaning, this is a more in-depth clean if needed.,

Our Process

  • Take apart the back of the dryer to access interior.

  • Go through the inside of your dryer with a special tool and our HEPA Vacuum, getting as much lint as possible and allow your dryer to function like new with more air flow.​

  • Reassemble any parts removed.

Pricing for complete dryer interior clean $39.

515 Dryer Vent would be pleased to help and assist you with your clogged dryer vents.  Call (515) 883-0333 to speak with a technician today.

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